12/15/20 Weather Update

Dear Hatboro-Horsham Families, 

This Winter’s first major snow accumulation is forecast for tomorrow and I am writing to share our plans for our programming. The Hatboro-Horsham schools will maintain our scheduled virtual learning for this week. 

Our recent decision to temporarily transition to a fully virtual instructional model prioritized two main points: safety and consistency. Returning to in-person instruction would likely have resulted in required school-based closures, often on short notice, and multiple transitions between in-person instruction and virtual instruction. When weighing options, we placed value on safety and being able to deliver a consistent instructional program for our students during this time leading up to and immediately following the winter break. To stay true to this commitment of consistency, we plan to maintain our scheduled virtual programming for this week, despite the weather complications.  

For this event, we will notify staff and families if there is any additional time-sensitive weather emergency informationAbsent of any notification, families can assume the school day will be operating as usual. If there is overnight or early morning weather that woulimpact the instructional routine, or any change from the norm, information will be sent via School Messenger (phone call, text, email), posted on the District website homepage, and posted to the District Twitter account (www.twitter.com/HH_Schools) no later than 5:45 am.  

The timing of this upcoming storm is forecast to affect our community between 10:00 am on Wednesday and 10:00 am on Thursday. With heavy snow and mixed precipitation forecast, this brings the possibility of regional power outages that could disrupt virtual learning. Our teachers are aware that students may be unable to connect, and our staff too may be subject to power outages. Should your child’s teacher lose power, please check back occasionally, and do your best to stay on schedule. If interruptions occur, the daily schedule for virtual learning will not be extended beyond the scheduled end of the school day. 

  • On Wednesday, 12/16school buildings and offices will be open, but may have to close early based on the arrival of the storm. 
  • On Wednesday 12/16 and Thursday 12/17, there will be no school district transportation operatingincluding the transportation of non-public students. 

Weather situations that evolve during the school day may result in midday communication with staff and the community. 

Thank you, 

Scott Eveslage, Ed.D.