Working Papers

Mrs. Kim Miller is the high school work, permit officer. 

Students and families requesting a work permit must complete the mandatory application below and then complete the additional two steps that follow. **Note: On the application, the "Place of Birth" is referencing the hospital in which the applicant was born, not the city.  

Step 1: After students and parents complete the application, they should SAVE the document and e-mail the application to You can also print the application and complete it by hand and scan a copy to the email address. Whichever you choose, you must also attach 'a proof of age document'. In the email, please include the correct address where we can mail the work permit. 

*Proof of age document could be a birth certificate, passport, etc.*

*Working papers cannot be processed without the completed document and a copy of a proof of age document*

Step 2: Once all documentation is received, we will contact the student for either an in-person or virtual/ face-time style appointment. After the virtual appointment, the information, the work permit will be mailed to the residence via US mail to the address you provided. 

Application for Work Permit.pdf, 165.44 KB; (Last Modified on January 6, 2021)