PIAA Physical Forms (2019-2020)


The PIAA Sports Participation Physical.

 2019-20 PIAA Sports Physical - Click to download

Make sure all forms are completely filled out by the parent and student or they will not be accepted.  Always make a copy for your own records. Physicals (or section 7 forms) are always due 1 week before the start of tryouts/preseason. 
Winter and Spring Sport Participants!!!!!
If you participated in a previous season this school year or where injured after the date your doctor certified your physical, you will need to complete Section 7: Re-certification by a parent or guardian. If any questions are answered yes on the form then you will need to complete Section 8: Re-Certification by Licensed Physician of Medicine or Osteopathic Medicine.



Please note that the 2019-20 PIAA physical form is the only form that will be excepted. No other forms will be accepted, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a PIAA rule and it will be enforced. Thanks for your understanding.
Please note that for the 2019-20 season no physicals will be excepted dated prior to 6/1/19. No exceptions. We understand that the physical from last year may not have expired, however it is a PIAA rule that physicals can't be dated prior to 6/1/19 for the upcoming season. Thank you for your understanding.
Physicals should be dropped off in the Athletic Office which is located in the Main Office of the High School. Please note that summer office hours are 9am-2pm.  
Please always make a copy for your own records!!!!!!
Any questions, please contact the Athletic Trainer at 215-420-5955 or slipinsk@hatboro-horsham.org