This is a site with some instersting research about what playing an instrument can do for your child.
    There are also some great videos of all instruments we offer!
    Please do not fill out the insterest form (I can't delete it off the site.....)
    Suggested apps to download:
    1.  Tempo Lite (a free app that will help you play with a steady beat)
    2.  Bandmate Chromatic Tuner (It will help you play in tune and also displays the name of the note you are playing)
    Email is the best way to reach us as we teach in multiple schools.

    John Sedlacsik (Band):     jsedlacs@hhsd.org
    Chris Kuczynski (Band):   ckuczyns@hhsd.org 215-420-5938
    Natalie Trach (Strings):    ntrach@hhsd.org

Music Teachers

  • Mr. Sedlacsik

    Mr. Sedlacsik: Band


     Mr. Kuczynski

    Mr. Kuczynski: Band


    Mrs. Trach

    Ms. Trach: Strings