• September 5, 2018 update:
    *****Today's game of Sept. 5th because of heat is only a Varsity game at 6pm.  Varsity to arrive at the stadium at 5:30pm.  No JV game.  If JV would like to come please do but please sit in the shade in the stands.
    ***** September 7, 2018: Both JV & Varsity will be playing at the same time.  JV at 3:30pm on the grass at Wissahickon and Varsity on the turf at 3:30pm. There is a conflict with timing and using the turf.
    August 20, 2018 update:
    ***** 8/29 game vs William Tennant...    Please take note that the JV game is now 3:30PM and the Varsity game is to follow around 4:45PM
    ***** 9/12 game vs Upper Moreland....   Please take note that this will now be a home night game on our turf.   JV at 5:30pm and Varsity at 7pm
    ***** 9/24 game vs Plymouth Whitemarsh  Please take note that this will now be a home night game on our turf.  JV at 5:30pm and Varsity at 7pm
    ***** 10/15 game vs Quakertown......    Please take not that this will now be a home night game on our turf.    JV at 5:30pm and Varsity at 7pm
    August 19,2018 Update:
    August 20 (Monday) ********  8:30am-11:30am . We will practice from 8:30am-11am and then we will walk together to the back of the school where the equipment and uniforms are stored for distribution. New uniforms this year!! :)
    August 21st- (Tuesday) Practice:*** starting earlier at 8AM-10AM (note: 2 hour session)
    August 22nd- - Wednesday Scrimmage away at Bensalem 
    Varsity game is at 9am and the JV game to follow at around 10:30am.  The bus will leave the stadium locker room at 7:50am. With this being said you will need to be at the stadium to get equipment and load everything on the bus at  7:30am.  Since this is the first scrimmage please everyone be there at 7:30am.  It is important that we are organized and get out on time so that we do get some warmup before the games. 
    August 23 -24th - (Thursday & Friday)
    Practice: 8:30AM-11:30AM
    August 27 _ August 28th ( Monday & Tuesday)
    Practice: 3:15pm-5:15pm
    August 29th- (Wednesday) 3:30pm Scrimmage home against William Tennant.  JV at 3:30pm and Varsity to follow around 5PM.  Please be at  the field at 2:45pm to get organized, equipment and warmup.
    August 30 (Thursday)
    Practice: 3:15pm-5:15pm
    August 31 (Friday)
    No practice
    No practice over Labor Day weekend (Sept. 1st & 2nd)
    No practice on Labor Day Monday (Sept. 3)
    September 4th(Tuesday)
    Away night game at Souderton High School on the turf.  JV game at 5:30pm and Varsity at 7pm. Bus will be leaving the HH stadium locker room at 4:15pm. Please be at the stadium at 3:50pm to get equipment and load the bus.  We should arrive back after the games to HH around 9:15pm.
    September 5th (Wednesday)
    3:45pm 2nd game of the season. Home game on our grass field. Varsity & JV players please do not wear sneakers because the grass may be slippery if it rains. It is best to have some type of turf shoe or soccer cleats if you can. Both Varsity & JV players come down to the field at 2:45pm. Varsity game is first at 3:45pm and JV game to follow approximately 5pm. 
    For those new to the program, if there is a 3:30pm game , Varsity plays first and then the JV game will follow. Typically the JV game will start around 5pm.  If there is a night game of 7pm... JV will play at 5:30pm and Varsity at 7pm.

    We will have a parent meeting sometime in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the date.  We do this every season in order to discuss team activities, fund raising, etc.  We are hoping that every player is represented by a parent so that we can disseminate the information and coordinate events that will make this another successful fun season. We had a lot of parent participation last season and it showed in making it enjoyable for the kids. Typically we hold the meeting either at the Horsham library is: 435 Babylon Rd, Horsham, PA 19044… same side as Simmons Elementary School or a conference room at the High School.
    Team Bonding trip:   Please also mark in your calendar September 8th (Saturday morning)- September 9th (Sunday morning). This is the date we have planned for our annual team bonding trip up at the Swezey's Lakehouse on Lake Harmony in the Poconos. Players and Coaches to meet at the front of the High School at 11am to load the bus and leave around 11:30am.   Sunday (Sept. 9th) Players and Coaches will have an early breakfast and then leave the lake at 9am to get back to the high school around 10:30am.  We were able to get a school bus last year to take all of the girls and are planning to do the same this year. We will be tallying up the number of girls that can make it in order to know what size bus we need. There will be a small fee per player of about $5 - $10 in order to get the bus.   Further details to follow, especially in regards to food and drinks to bring. All players are invited!  
    See you for practice tomorrow!!
    Coach Swezey & Coach Andrea
    August 13, 2018 Update:
    Tryouts for today August 13 cancelled due to rain!
    We will start back up August 14th Tuesday. Tryouts will be from 11am-1pm. We will meet on the turf at 10:45am. See you then! Coach Swezey and Coach Andrea!
    July 27, 2018 Update:
    These are the new dates available for the turf for our last OPEN sessions before tryouts:
    July 30th(Monday)  10am-11:30am
    August 9th (Thursday) 4pm-5:30pm
    **** There will not be a session on August 7th.   August 9th time is changed to 4pm-5:30pm.
    1PM-4PM and also August 14th (Tuesday) changed to 10:30am-1:30pm... LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT BECAUSE OF WORK SCHEDULES OR A CONFLICT.
     July 19 2018 update:

    Here are the dates and times for our open sessions on the turf:

    July 23rd  Monday 5-6:30pm
    July 25th  Wednesday 10am-11:30pm
    Please make sure to bring your stick, mouthguard, shinguards, water bottle filled, PINNIE THAT IS REVERSIBLE (if you don't have a pinnie let me know), you can wear sneakers for the turf not necessary to wear turf shoes or cleats.If it is drizzling out it will be best not to slip so turf shoes or cleats are best.  Please keep up with looking at your email incase of changes in the dates and/or times and if it rains, cancellations(hopefully not!).




      August 13th (First day of High School tryouts for all fall sports …must have an ImPACT test completed and a PIAA sports physical completed and given to Steve Lipinski at the High School at least a week before the first day of tryouts... current High School players check with Steve Lipinski at slipinsk@hatboro-horsham.org If you are unsure if you need an ImPACT test please check here. http://www.hatboro-horsham.org/Page/8975). Sign-up with Steve Lipinski.  All Athletes need a physical. You can check the HH website also for further clarification. 


    Please be aware of the information below which is very important in order for your daughter to tryout:

    Fall Sports begin August 13th. Physicals need to be submitted to the athletic department by August 6th for processing. Physicals submitted after my not be ready in time for the season. Please try to get your physical to Steve Lipinski before the August 6th date. Thank you!

    From Steve Lipinski: Please note that the 2018-19 PIAA physical form is the only form that will be accepted. No other forms will be accepted, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a PIAA rule and it will be enforced. Please note that for the 2018-19 season no physicals will be accepted dated prior to 6/1/18. No exceptions. We understand that the physical from last year may not have expired, however it is a PIAA rule that physicals can't be dated prior to 6/1/18 for the upcoming season. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    Open sessions:

    ****Information in reference to open sessions on the grass/turf during the last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August will be on the HH website and emailed the end of the week of July 9th. These open sessions are optional for all incoming 9th graders and all players trying out this season. These are informal sessions that may be 1 or 2 times a week. Depending on field space may be either day or night.

    The sessions usually run about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours and include skill and small game so that players can practice stick work with touches.  It will either be on the turf or grass field at the high school. These sessions are also a great time to get the ball rolling as we say in creating that great team chemistry! We know there are vacations that may have been planned during this time period but no worries. Again, these sessions are optional but if you are not on vacation and can make some of the session dates we will see you there!


    Tryouts: Will begin on August 13th(Monday). This year of pre-season(tryouts) there will be one session per day as we did last year. The session will be 3 hours from 8:30am-11:30am.(TAKE NOTE IN RED BELOW OF THE TIME CHANGES FOR AUGUST 13 & 14) This will enable our team to accomplish more since we do not have to come back in the afternoon and warm-up again and the afternoon can be brutally hot. Those that have work can schedule their times better.  We will do skills in the morning for the first part of the session and then small game play for the second part. We can get in a lot of playing and not break up the day. Everyone will need to bring a water bottle filled. Extra water will be provided. Bring a healthy snack for a break in-between skills and game play. We will meet on our grass field that is located behind Simmons Elementary surrounded by fencing.



    Session changed to: 

    AUGUST 13TH- MONDAY 1PM-4PM (Cancelled)

    AUGUST 14TH- TUESDAY 10:30AM-1:30PM   Changed to 11am-1pm on the turf


    August 15-August 17th (Wednesday-Friday)

    Session:  8:30AM-11:30AM



    August 13th-August 17th will be tryouts. Selections will be made after Friday August 17th tryout. An email will go out that weekend with the team selections for JV and Varsity.)

    ***for those new to the high school there is not a 9th grade team. 9th graders will be trying out for JV& Varsity. This has been very successful so please do not feel intimidated. Many schools no longer have 9th grade teams.


    Again, please make sure that you have your Papers with your Physical information into our trainer at the High School. Make sure to make your appointment as soon as possible for the IMPACT (concussion) test at school. You cannot tryout if you do not have the proper paperwork and forms in to Steve Lipinski (our trainer).

     Hope everyone has a great summer!

    Let's Go Hatters!

    Coach Swezey
    P.S. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. I am very big on communication! Also, if there is an email address that you would like to have added or do not see an email address of a player trying out please let me know and I will add them.  Thanks and Have a great day!