(Animals, General Science, Space, Weather)

    Canadian Museum of Nature
    A natural history notebook to enrich the study of mammals. Click on each animal name for a photograph and detailed habitat and behavioral information.

    Children's Butterfly Site

    Colorful and educational Web site for children to discover the life cycle of moths and butterflies, etc.

    American Museum of Natural History


    At this site you can take an expedition through the world of endangered species, check out the museum's exhibits, and see what their scientific expeditions have discovered.

    eNature.com is the web's premier destination for information about the wild animals and plants of the United States. The site's core content of wildlife information about almost 6,000 individual species is the same data set used to create the printed Audubon Field Guides. All the data has been carefully reviewed and vetted by leading biologists, zoologists and other natural history specialists


    This site is the home of everything that is wet, green, and croaks.

    International Wolf Center

    Learn about wolves, their management and recovery efforts. Includes a multimedia gallery.

    National Aquarium (Baltimore)

    Find fun information about their animals, their exhibits, their
    conservation efforts, and the institution itself.

    National Wildlife Federation

    The home page of the NWF/read the magazine or
    take a tour to find games and riddles.
    Home page of the award-winning series on PBS

    New England Aquarium

    Explore the aquarium and the surrounding city of Boston. Check out the Kid's Space and find links to other worlds of water.

    Northwest Trek

    Visit this wildlife park near Tacoma, Washington.

    Perth Zoo (Australia)

    Visit this Australian zoo to find out what types of animals live there and check out their major exhibits.

    Philadelphia Zoo

    Visit the home page of the nation's first zoo and /learn about endangered animals.

    San Diego Zoo

    Visit the zoo and the safari park. Send electronic postcards.

    SeaWorld Busch Garden

    An excellent educational and animal resources that also includes lesson plans.

    Tiger Information Center

    Explores all types of tigers/tiger ecology/activities.

    Wildlife Conservation Society

    The home page of WCS with info on animals in the wild, zoos and aquariums. It includes a kids' page and how to help the Conservation Society.
    WAZA's mission is to guide, encourage and support the zoos, aquariums, and like-minded organisations of the world in animal care and welfare, environmental education and global conservation.


    General Science

    Cool Science Welcome to Cool Science - sharing the facts and fun about science with all ages.

    Discovery Online

    An online version of the Discovery Channel.

    Energy Quest

    Addresses every type of energy, from wind to solar, and discusses ways to save energy.

    The Exploratorium isnt just a museum, its an ongoing exploration of science, art, and human perceptiona vast collection of online interactives, web features, activities, programs and events that feed your curiosity.

    Franklin Institute Science Museum

    The home page of the Franklin Institute. Visit the Institute's exhibits, including an online exhibit about weather forecasting, science activities, and online units of study

    Hands-On Children's Museum

    A colorful, fun place for young students to learn about science.

    Journey North
    Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.
    Mapmaker, Mapmaker A site created by a cartographer for young students that describes the many different kinds of maps available.

    National Geographic

    The home page of the National Geographic Society. Grab your passport and get ready to explore the world!

    Optics for Kids Some fun and interesting things about OPTICS (the science of LIGHT, and one of the most
    important fields of PHYSICS)
    Science Odyssey
    A Science Odyssey takes you on a journey through the most spectacular 100 years in the history of science and technology.


    The home page of the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C. Offers a fascinating tour of all the museums and their exhibits with educational materials.
    Thinking Fountain
    A web site full of ideas, projects, experiments, and more.

    Volcano World


    Get the latest reports of volcanic eruptions, volcano images, volcano facts.


    Amazing Space


    Interactive lessons using Hubble Space Telescope images to teach science and math.

    Hubble Site Chances are you haven't seen what NASA's orbiting Hubble Space Telescope sees. Hubble sees the raw beauty of the universe from above Earth's atmosphere and sends back a portrait of the universe in exquisite detail. Here's your chance to leave the ground for awhile... and see what Hubble sees.

    Imagine the Universe

    This site is intended for students age 14 and up, and for anyone interested in learning about our universe. If you're looking for grade school level astronomy information, please see the StarChild web site. Enjoy your cosmic journey!
    JSC Digital Image Collection
    a collection of more than 9000 NASA press release photos spaning the American manned space program, from the Mercury program to the STS-79 Shuttle mission.

    NASA Quest


    Meet the people of NASA and look over their shoulders as they make NASA's goals a reality. Whether in the area of aerospace design or training for space walks, NASA Quest is a rich resource for educators, kids and space enthusiasts who are interested in meeting and learning about NASA people and the national space program. NASA Quest allows the public to share the excitement of NASA's authentic scientific and engineering pursuits like flying in the Shuttle and the International Space Station, exploring distant planets with amazing spacecraft, and building the aircraft of the future.

    NASA Home Page


    The home page of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    NASA Multimedia Gallery


    Includes a Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Audio Gallery, and Arts Gallery.

    NASA's Education Resources


    NASA's Educator Resource Center/collection of math and science materials in various formats.

    National Air and Space Museum


    Includes research materials and information about their collections and programs.

    Nine Planets


    A comprehensive Web site dedicated to explaining the intricacies of our solar system.


    Star Child


    A Web site designed to teach children about our solar system, the universe, and other space topics.


    Windows to the Universe


    Welcome to Windows to the Universe - your portal to discovery! Explore the wealth of information available here to learn about the Earth and Space sciences and related topics in the humanities including mythology, art, poetry, and more.



    Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page


    Weather anomalies such as lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes are explained in elementary terms.


    Mount Washington Observatory
    This New Hampshire mountain is home to the worst weather in the world! Check out their recent weather data, live views from the summit, and educational programs.
    Real-Time Weather Data
    The web site for real-time weather data from the National Center
    for Atmospheric Research.

    Weather Channel


    The unofficial weather capital of the Web.

    Weather Online


    Find the latest info on tropical storms and big weather events. Get forecasts and graphics for local areas.

    Weather World


    A site from Penn State University which features forecasts, precipitation charts, temperature maps, etc.