•  Equity and Climate Survey 



    In this report, Hanover Research (Hanover) presents findings from an analysis of Hatboro-Horsham School District’s School Climate and Equity Survey. The survey evaluates stakeholders’ perceptions of the general school climate, support services and resources available to students, and the extent to which the District provides an equitable education to all students. The analysis reflects responses from 2,004 middle and high school students, 753 parents of students across all grade levels, and 357 staff members.

    In addition to presenting the overall results for each stakeholder group (i.e., students, parents, and staff members), Hanover provides additional insights based on data segmented in the following ways:

    By school level for parent and staff responses (i.e., elementary school, secondary school)1

    By race for student and parent responses (i.e., white, non-white)2

    By staff role for staff responses (i.e., professional staff, support staff, school and district administrators)3

    By participation in student programs for student and parent responses (e.g.,


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