• Online Attendance Excuse Forms

    If your child is out sick please include their symptoms in the reason for the school nurse.


    You must also send a written note, email, or complete the excuse note online within three (3) days of your child returning to school.  The information should include your child’s name, grade, the reason for the absence, the date of the absence, and your signature. 
    Written notes or emails to the school office provide the official documentation that we need to excuse an absence. Multiple unlawful absences from school may result in disciplinary actions and/or a truancy citation filed with the local district court. 
    Call the School Nurse for any COVID related concerns including:  any recommendations for testing for COVID-19, any close contact with a COVID-19 case, any recommendations for isolation and quarantine, any recent travel. 

      Parents / guardians must call the school nurse before their child may return to school after isolating and quarantine.  

    Please fill out the online absence excuse form below. 



            Hatboro Horsham School District Online Absence Excuse Form

    Printable Excuse Form