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    Where is the post-prom?

    What time is the post-prom?

    • 11:30pm – 5:00am

    Why is there a post-prom?

    • Post Prom provides a fun & safe environment where our seniors can spend time with friends after Prom.  It is well documented that students across the country leave prom to go off to their own gatherings or all-night parties that often include alcohol, drugs, and other inappropriate activities.  We are all aware of the dire consequences of such behavior.  In an effort to curb at-risk behavior and provide our students with a viable alternative, Post Prom was created.
    • The Home and School create a budget to cover food, entertainment, the facility & staff, decorations, and prizes. The event can run at approximately $25,000-$30,000 per year – this is why all the HAS fund-raising such as Basket Bingo, Red and Black week raffles, snack stands, and parent and business donations are so important.

    How can I help?

    Here are the links for the post-prom volunteering & donations. Our next Post Prom meeting is Monday, May 23rd - 7 pm – at HS Cafeteria. Anyone is welcome!

    What do the students do there? Activities? Food?

    • Post-Prom activities include a casino room, volleyball, basketball, inflatables, laser tag, arcade games, cash cubes, airbrush tattoos, karaoke, bingo, and a bubble soccer event.  Food can include – snacks, fruit, veggies, chick-fila, pizza, and an ice-cream bar.
    • Students who participate in the activities above receive raffle tickets and each ticket gives them a chance to win great prizes – Just to name a few – gift cards (amazon – target – Chipotle) Dorm items (desk sets, blankets, laundry supplies, dorm refrigerator), Wireless speakers, concert & park tickets, TVs. Grand prizes can include $250 cash, game centers, and laptops. Every year is a little different.  

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     Hat CALENDAR 


    • 05/18/22 – HSA General Meeting (D108) – 7:00 pm
    • 05/23/22 - Post-Prom Volunteer Meeting (Cafeteria) - 7:00 pm


    • 06/03/22 - Post Prom