• Purpose

    Student learning and achievement is a multi-layered and complex process that is not limited to what takes place during the instructional day. Homework, when appropriately designed and implemented, is a valuable component of student learning. Research shows a positive relationship between moderate amounts of homework and student achievement at the secondary level when that homework meets specific criteria. The Board of School Directors recognizes the need to establish homework criteria and guidelines for teachers, parents/guardians, and students to support and extend student learning.


    Homework shall refer to assignments given to students which are intended to be completed independently outside of the instructional class period.


    Homework shall be assigned to students at each level and in each instructional delivery model in a manner consistent with educational research and best practice. Homework should have a clearly defined purpose and be linked to intended learning goals. Homework will be purposeful, equitable, and developmentally appropriate. Feedback on homework should be provided in a timely manner.

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