About Hatboro-Horsham

  • Located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the Hatboro-Horsham School District is comprised of students and families residing in Horsham Township and Hatboro Borough. The District educates approximately 4,300 students in grades K-12. In the school district there are four elementary schools (Blair Mill, Crooked Billett, Hallowell, and Simmons), one middle school (Keith Valley), and one high school (Hatboro-Horsham High School). 

    Horsham Township was established in 1717 by Samuel Carpenter who was from the town of Horsham in Sussex County, England. Horsham Township is a home rule municipality in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States.   The Township, incorporated in 1717, is one of the oldest original municipalities in Montgomery County. Although it retains the word "Township" in its official name, it has been governed by a Home Rule Charter since 1975 and is therefore not subject to the Pennsylvania Township Code. The population is approximately 26,500. Horsham Township covers an area of 17 square miles, 89.70 miles of which are township roads.  There are 23.72 miles of state roads and 1.5 miles of county roads. Horsham Township is made up of several community areas, including Horsham (19044) and portions of the Hatboro (19040), Ambler (19002), Chalfont (18914), and North Wales (19454) zip codes.

    The Borough of Hatboro is a 1.5 square mile town located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Hatboro was established in the year 1715 named after early resident John Dawson’s profession: hat manufacturing. The Borough of Hatboro is full of rich history, having the only school located on a battlefield in the United States (Crooked Billet Elementary School). Hatboro is a vibrant, diverse town and home to approximately 8,200 residents.

    The district employs over 450 faculty members, 70% of which hold advanced degrees.

    The district's special services are designed to meet the unique educational needs of our student population. Services include, but are not limited to, school counseling, school psychological services, nursing, resources for homeless students, school-based medical ACCESS programming, and gifted education. Special Services staff members work collaboratively with the Office of Special Education to ensure a continuum of services for all students.

    Over the last five years, 82% of students sitting for the AP exam scored three or higher on their AP exams. During the 2022 school year, 81% of HHHS students scored three or higher on their AP exams. In 2022, the College Board recognized 100 HHHS students as Advanced Placement Scholars, 29 were named Scholars with Honor, 40 Scholars with Distinction, and one National Advanced Placement National Scholar.

    More than 83% of our high school students participate in one or more of our sports, club, or activity offerings.

    We are proud to follow many of our recent graduates' successes. The district has been a foundation for servicemen and women, and professional journeymen. One will frequently find HHSD graduates regularly on college and university dean lists.