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    TGIF March, 5th and it's a BLACK Day 

    Attendance Link 

    Students make sure that you are completing the homeroom attendance link EVERY morning whether you are in school or not and make sure that you are also checking your email every day, multiple times per day

    Seniors reminder to complete the survey you received from Mr. Williams - the survey will close today at 3pm.

    Beginning on Monday, March 8th, there will no longer be remote learning Monday's for all students. Beginning next Monday, we will use Monday's as an in-person instruction day for Cohort B. Every other Monday the schedule will rotate - this will ensure that every cohort has three days in the building every other week. This will continue until further notice. Also reminder that every school day will now be 7:40 am to 1:42 pm. 


    Spring sports will begin soon - students must make sure that they have handled responsibilities regarding physicals and other important details. 

    Women's History Month Fact of the Day: Did you know that until Congress passed the Equal Opportunity Act on 1974 women could not get credit cards in their own name. Thanks to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a Supreme Court Justice these ridiculous things changed along with other basic rights for women like, the ability to attend state funded schools, protection from pregnancy discrimination at work, and the ability to serve on a jury. 

    The more you know ...