• The School District of Hatboro-Horsham maintains an alternative education program on the campus of the high school. The program is approved and accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and houses students in grades 8-12. Even with high-quality supports, a small percentage of students may exhibit extreme behavior difficulties that require additional supports in an alternative placement. The Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) Program was established in Pennsylvania in order to assist districts in helping this small group of students. Alternative education placements are considered when severe or persistent behavioral problems require more intensive intervention services. The goal of alternative education is to continue providing education services along with behavioral interventions to overcome the disruptive behavior and return students to the regular school environment.


  • Our HH program functions through a ‘Hybrid Model’ of instructional delivery, as it combines face to face instruction and virtual learning for students that attend. Due to the district, local and state impact of standardized testing, students would receive face-to-face instruction in both Mathematics, English Language Arts and Health Education.  The teachers that will deliver direct instruction in Mathematics and English Language Arts are certified and tenured Hatboro-Horsham High School teachers. Again, this program will afford students the opportunity receive a course of instruction, which recognizes needs and prepares them for a successful return to the regular school setting. Other core content and elective area courses are delivered online via the Montgomery Virtual Program. This program will also include opportunities for students to gain access to service learning projects that help create well-rounded students capable of contributing to the local community. Students in the alternative education program at Hatboro-Horsham High School will maintain the same guidance counselor and house principal.

    Alternative Program Coordinator
    Cheryl Bamford

    The alternative school program functions in two of the existing modular classrooms located in the rear of the high school. The scheduled times for the alternative education students will be 8:00 AM - 2:15 PM. Transportation both to and from school will be provided by the school district. Students will be scheduled for a minimum of 4.0 credits per semester while they are members of the alternative education program