Third Grade:

    In March, the third graders spent a lot of time reviewing for the PSSA tests in Reading and Math. We reviewed many testing strategies and prepared for the tests within each subject. We completed the PSSA tests while also completing our Helen Keller Unit in Writing. The kids learned a lot about the life of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan while completing writing projects, learning sign language, reading about her life, and participating in hands-on projects to understand what it would be like to be deaf and blind. In Social Studies, the students finished their unit on the Native Americans. They learned about the Kwakiutl Indians by creating their very own totem pole and long house. They also learned about the Cheyenne Indians by creating buffalo hides with their own Indian sign language. The last Indian tribe we learned about was the Navajo Indians. The students created their own sand paintings just like the Indian tribe.

    During the month of April the third graders began multiplying and dividing with multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000. They completed products of 2-digit numbers, learned the factors of a whole number, lattice multiplication, positive and negative numbers, and reviewed fractions throughout each day. The students have also been working hard on memorizing their multiplication facts so that they could multiply and divide them more easily. Many of the children have become “multiplication stars” after completing their 5-minute fact sheet in the time provided with three scores of 100. They love a challenge and work hard during Intervention time to complete extra math work.

    In Science we have started our Sun, Earth, Moon Unit. The students have learned about the phases of the moon, order of the planets, the revolution of the earth, and the rotation of the earth. They have seen the scale of the solar system in our hallway and we have completed many projects in order to bring the facts down to a level that they can comprehend. They are having a BLAST!

    In Reading, the students learned all about the constellations and how they came to be when reading the story Coyote Place the Stars.  They used the strategy of comparing and contrasting to look deeper into the meanings of the different constellations that you can see in the night sky.   They used their knowledge of constellations to create their own constellation stories as a culminating activity.  You can find their stories and coordinating constellation drawing in the third grade hallway. 

    In writing, the students worked hard on their new poetry unit.  They wrote fifteen different poems from five different genres of poetry; Formula Poems, Free Form Poems, Syllable Poems, Rhymed Verse Poems, and Model Poems.  They all took great pride in their work and added a lot of creative language such as personification, similes, metaphors, and idioms.  Their good copy books will be awesome!