Second Chance Learning

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    The concept of second chance learning is based on the philosophy that not ALL students grasp concepts and demonstrate knowledge at the same time. Second chance learning is a strategy which provides additional opportunities to learn and demonstrate what a student knows and can do when assessments indicate that the essential knowledge or skills have not been demonstrated. The demands of second chance learning are shared by the teacher and student. Teachers provide the opportunity, and students take on the responsibility of completing the agreed upon plan. 



    Learning to drive ... 

    • Student practices with driving instructor and parents on the road (Instruction). 
    • Instructor and parents give feedback on driving (Formative Assessment).
    • Student logs in 60 practice hours- parents determine he/she is ready to take the driver's test.
    • Student takes the driver's test (Summative Assessment).
    • If the student passes, they get their driver's license.
    • If the student fails, they practice more on the things they got wrong the first time and re-test at a later date.
    • Repeat until pass (Second-Chance Learning). 


  • A student looking for a second chance learning opportunity should work directly with the classroom teacher and must complete the appropriate paperwork. 

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