Block Schedule

    The high school bell schedule is based on an extended block model. We operate using a five-period day, in which four of those periods are instructional. Classes are 75 minutes in length and each student receives a 30-minute lunch. The first period of the day begins promptly at 7:30 AM and the last period of the day ends at 2:30 PM. Period 3 is comprised of three 30-minute sections where all students are either at lunch or in their HATS class. Period 3 is a club/activity meeting and instructional support period. 



    All full credit classes will meet every day (Red and Black). Classes that meet for less than a full credit – primarily electives, Physical Education, or seminars– will meet every other day (either Red or Black). A semester course that meets every day for 18 weeks equals 1.0 credit. A semester course that meets every other day for 18 weeks equals 0.5 credits.

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