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    The Center for Parenting Education
    The Center for Parenting Education provides programs at various community sites and draws parents from the community. 

    Our Certified Parenting Educators bring years of learning and experience to parents through our many workshops and discussion groups.

    What is The Center for Parenting Education?
    The Center for Parenting Education is a safe and nurturing place where parents learn about emotionally healthy parenting and make connections with other parents. It is designed to strengthen families by preparing parents with the effective principles, approaches and skills essential for healthy parenting in today's world. This knowledge will empower parents to choose ways of interacting with children that build confidence and preserve self-esteem.

    When parents respond with thoughtful decision-making to the challenges of raising a child, they are more able to create a healthy and nurturing home environment. When parents feel supported and prepared, stress levels in the home decrease, conflict is reduced and families become stronger. This process occurs best when there is a reliable way for parents to learn, grow and connect with other parents.