Mock Trial Club

  • Mock Trial is a competitive activity for students interested in law, debate and public speaking. Three student attorneys and three witnesses are the minimum necessary to field a team. In November, detailed case materials, usually around 80 pages, are released. Each high school then spends several months reading the materials and preparing to argue both sides of the case with an attorney adviser. In January and February, matches take place at the county courthouse, in our case the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown. Volunteer attorneys act as  jurors, and actual judges preside over the trials. Teams are scored on preparation, knowledge of facts, ability to work within time constraints and presentation skills. Each case runs about two hours. All teams are guaranteed two shots at competing—once for each side of the case (plaintiff or prosecution and defense), and after these preliminary rounds, can move on to semi-finals, finals and, eventually, the state competition, which airs on PCNTV in the spring.

     For more detailed information check out PA Bar Association

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  • Advisor- Kim English-Murphy