Red & Black Night

  • Red and Black Night is a school wide event that tries to incorporate all types of students. The school is divided up into two teams based on the first letter of a person's last name. If a person's last name starts with A-K, they are on the Black team. If a person's last name starts with L-Z they are on the Red team. The events take place over the course of one week but the planning and preparation takes months.
    There are two generals selected from each team. From there, captains are picked for each team from each of the grades to help plan and organize each team. Each team organizes nights of painting where the captains, generals, and anyone who comes help pick the team name, the participants for each event, and most importantly paint the posters. Each team designs and creates team posters with catchy slogans on them. The posters are hung up the day of Gym night in the main gym for everyone to see. Red and Black night is a very competitive event but in the end, it is all just for fun.
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