The Blair Mill Home and School Association
    supports the Blair Mill community.  
    For questions, you may contact Natalie Johnson at najohnson@mac.com.
    The April HSA Meeting is in the library at 7pm on Thursday, April 6th
    Please see the Blair Mill Home and School Association Facebook page for weekly reminders and to ask questions.


Parent Information

  • Business Meetings

    The HSA Board meets at 7:00 PM on the 1st Thursday of the month in the Library at the school.  The Board invites all parents to attend the meetings and welcomes their ideas and suggestions.  Blair Mill can only flourish and continue to grow with the cooperation of the entire membership.  Without your involvement and interest, the HSA exists in name only.


    Teacher Representative

    At every HSA meeting a member of the Blair Mill staff will attend.  They keep us informed on ideas and they take our questions/suggestions back to the faculty. 


    Blair Mill Directory

    A school directory is compiled in the fall for all families who wish to participate.  This information allows students and parents to communicate with each other for school or social activities.


    Safety Line Program

    This is our safe arrival program.  Parents are to call our Safety Line to inform the school if their child will be absent that day.  If a child is absent and no call has been made, a secretary calls the home to be sure the child is indeed safe at home.