Director of Athletics:  Jarrett Carr
    Secretary:   Michele Green
    Athletic Trainer:   Kristen Rosowski
    Due to the weather, all afterschool sports are cancelled today, March 20th.
    Students planning to participate in a Keith Valley sport must have a current, required PIAA sports physical dated after JUNE 1, 2017.  This is a PIAA mandate. There will be NO exceptions.   Athletes must have a signed Code of Conduct on file with the athletic office BEFORE they can participate in tryouts.  Forms are available in the school's main office and athletic office or by clicking on the link below. 


    The interscholastic athletic program is designed to promote, in a cooperative and sportsmanlike manner, wholesome inter-school athletic relations.  Our athletic program is rather extensive and its primary objective is to promote the health and physical welfare of all participants.  All students are encouraged to participate in any of the various sports that are presently a part of the interscholastic athletic program.






    ***Please make a copy of the completed physical for your records***






    Varsity Football    

    JV  Football

    Boys Soccer -  7th and 8th Grade Teams

    Girls Soccer - 7th and 8th Grade Teams

    Field Hockey - 7th and 8th GradeTeams

    Girls Tennis -  7/8 Grade Team

    Girls Volleyball - 7/8 Grade Team 

    Cheerleading - 7/8 Grade Team



    Girls Basketball - 7th& 8th Grade Teams

    Wrestling -  7/8 Grade Team            

    Boys Basketball - 7th& 8th Grade Teams

    Cheerleading -  7/8 Grade Team



    Baseball - 7th& 8th Grade Boys Teams

    Softball - 7th& 8th Grade Girls Teams

    Girls Lacrosse - 7th& 8th Grade Teams

    Boys Lacrosse - 7th & 8th GradeTeams

    Boys Tennis -  7/8 Grade Team        

    Boys Track and Field -  7/8 Grade Team        

    Girls Track and Field -  7/8 Grade Team


     Fall - Touch Football

    Winter -  Floor Hockey

    Spring - Softball