Jarrett Nature Center Overview

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    The Jarrett Nature Center is Hatboro-Horsham School District's Outdoor Classroom. It provides an opportunity for all of our students to visit for observation, learning and exploration experiences with their classroom teachers. It also provides a setting for the community and also our students to enjoy its natural environment with their families.
    There are several different ecosystems at the Jarrett Nature Center:
    • The Woodlands is a rich assemblage of trees, spice and other bushes, ferns and fungi with a bird blind to enjoy watching the variety of chickadees, bluebirds, robins and other birds.
    • The Meadow is undergoing restoration efforts after removing invasive tall plants endangering smaller wildflowers.
    • The Wetlands is the largest area of the Jarrett Nature Center and is a nesting site for many birds, including the red winged blackbird. A second bird blind faces the nesting area for opportunities to observe nature.
    • The Pond is an original parcel from the Jarrett farm and was restored to full function in the past three years. A sitting bench affords the opportunity to take in the activity of life at the pond.

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