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    Want to prepare for your next math course? Working with a tutor? Visit our Pre-Course Practice page to see what skills we recommend you review before school starts!


    The following course pathways can be used as a guide for planning out your/your child's math courses throughout HHHS.  Graduation requirements for all students who are proficient include earning four credits in the mathematics curriculum. Students are also required to take a minimum of three mathematics courses during their freshman and sophomore years.

    Course Pathway
    Additional recommendations for course selection from the Math Department:
    • As a College Prep student it is recommended that you schedule a minimum of one math class per year.
    • As an Honors student, unless you plan on taking Multi-Variable Calculus, it is recommended that you take Honors Precalculus as a Junior.
    • In addition to AP Statistics, an alternative elective is Honors to Intro to Engineering (pre-requisite is completion of Honors Alg II or an "A" in CP Alg II).

    Below are documents and links students can use to prepare for this exam.
    HH Summer Packet info:  click the "Summer Math Packet Help By Topic" link to the left to find short reviews written by the HH Math Department.
    Algebrahelp.com : has online lessons and worksheets 
    Khan Academy:  a wealth of video lessons.  Search for topics from the Keystone Exam, like "linear function" or "systems of inequalities" 
    Purple Math: online explanations, categorized by Algebra topic