Gifted Support Program

  • What is the Gifted Support Program?

    The Gifted Support Program is available to those students in grades nine through twelve who have been identified as gifted as the result of a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation.  Students meet formally in a seminar once a week and regularly on an informal basis.  Classes focus on developing and using higher order thinking skills.  In addition, students are expected to participate in a minimum of four culturally-related field trips each year and to perform community service.  Juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in Bridges, a professional level internship program.  Gifted students are also encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available at the high school, including Advanced Placement courses, seminars and workshops sponsored by colleges and local organizations and academic contests.  The gifted support teachers meet with each student to individualize the student's program, including independent study opportunities.  In consultation with the student's parents, an individualized educational plan is developed annually.  Students earn .5 credits per year.