• Welcome to Mrs. Cummings' 7th Grade Science Website!  

    When you are finished, watch some of the following videos, which are each about 3-8 minutes long

    ·        The sneeze-how germs spread  http://bit.ly/2iWkhVN


    ·        EBOLA Explained:     http://bit.ly/2hWkyew


    ·        The Spanish Flu (Pandemic of 1918)      http://bit.ly/2jgMMkL   or     http://bit.ly/2iJL345


    ·        How we conquered the smallpox virus    http://bit.ly/1omxO92


    ·        The amoeba sisters Viruses http://bit.ly/2iJT09F


    ·        How do virsues work? http://bit.ly/2j9RfBu


    ·        Cell versus virus:  A battle for Life   http://bit.ly/1NDWBiM


    ·        How do vaccines work?   http://bit.ly/1Aq6hZg


    ·        Zika Virus Spreading in Americas http://ed.ted.com/featured/1GcYZ9Eo


    ·        Mythbusters_ the safe sneeze http://bit.ly/29UXJkf


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