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    Fall Semester Schedule 2018: 
    Red Days: (2) IntroCS, (4) Web Design 1, (5) Video Game Programming
    Black Days: (1) IntroCS, (2) IntroCS, (5) Pathways
    Spring Semester Schedule 2019:
    Red Days: (2) IntroCS, (4) Video Game Programming, (5) Internship
    Black Days: (2) Video Game Programming, (4) Pathways, (5) Internship


    Learn programming and have fun along the way! In Introduction to Computer Science, you will learn how to program graphical computer programs such as simulations and games, using the Java Programming Language and the Greenfoot environment. Exercises are structured around real, hands-on development tasks: first there is a problem to solve, then we look at language constructs and strategies that help us solve the problem.  The emphasis throughout the course is to make computer programming interesting, relevant, and enjoyable while learning the Java programming language.  



    The focus of this course will be on understanding the theory of designing a game for player experience regardless of platform. The class will explore the fundamentals of game design. The students will learn how to design innovative, emotionally engaging game experiences. The students will be introduced to Construct 2 and Unity as game design programs. Successful completion of this course will allow the student to move on to Game Design II where students create their own games. 



    In this project-based course the students will learn to create and manipulate creative web pages using Dreamweaver, Wix, WordPress, and how to create and edit images using Photoshop and Giphy.  Web Design 1 introduces HTML (HyperText Mark-Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and related coding languages that provide the foundation for building web sites. The students will also have fun creating their own websites on topics of their choice!



    “So, what do you want to do with your life?” How many times have you heard that question? Students who elect Pathways will have the opportunity to explore this question and many more by participating in a unique “road trip” experience. Meet and learn from community leaders as you plan for your own transition from high school to post-secondary education and career. Pathways is an innovative self-discovery course that empowers you to explore opportunities for your future. 

    • Unit 1: The Million Dollar Question 
    • Unit 2: Exposure (What Do You Want?) 
    • Unit 3: Self-Construction (Exploring Your Interests) 
    • Unit 4: Roadtrip Nation! (Planning for Your Future) 




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