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    Room G115 & Culinary Lab F129

    Red Days:                                                    Black Days:

    Per 1:  Prep Period  G115                  Per 1: Prep Period  G115
    Per 2:  Foods & Nutrition  F129         Per 2: Managing Independence  G115
    Per 3A & 3B: HATS  G115                        Per 3A & 3B:  HATS  G115
    Per 3C: Lunch                                             Per 3C: Lunch

    Per 4:  Interior Design   G115       Per 4:  Best of Baking  F129

    Per 5:   Best of Baking  F129              Per 5: Foods & Nutrition  F129

    I can be reached at dcordell@hatboro-horsham.org and 215-420-5667

    Parent/Guardian Conferences:  Thursday, Oct. 27 5:30PM - 8:00PM  & Friday, Oct. 28  12:45-2:45PM.