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    If you wish to pay membership dues, make sure to hand them in along with your Membership Application to Mr. Williams in the main office.
    E-Mail List:
    If you are interested in FBLA and want to be on the FBLA email list, email us at fbla.hh@gmail.com so we can add you to the list.
    Make sure to take a look at our latest Meeting Newsletter to keep updated with all of our FBLA events.

    If you do not find a file on the website, check the FBLA bulletin board,
    located on the second floor between the F and H wings.
    Fill this out and submit it with dues to Mr. Williams in the main office.
    This brochure provides a summary of the competitive events that FBLA offers.

    Membership Madness/Mania Form
    If you have free time and are interested in becoming more involved in FBLA, check out the sites below. They have a lot of information about what FBLA is like at the state and national level.
    PA FBLA website: www.pafbla.org
    National FBLA website: www.fbla-pbl.org

    Any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns? Feel free to e-mail us at fbla.hh@gmail.com.