FEBRUARY  18th
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    Students For International Justice!
    Students for International Justice is a student-run club aiming to inform the HH community of issues, near and far, where there is no safe haven for humanity. We are pro-peace, proactive, and looking for change. In it's first year, the club centered on the current genocide in Darfur. The goal was to promote more than grassroots awareness. Last year, we started working in a more generalized setting, addressing issues locally and globally. Currently in our third year we are continuing work from last year, and starting new, exciting projects.  Our main focus is recruitment and getting the HH community aware of our presence, as we are still a relatively new club. We meet after school in the room of our sponsor, Mr Flieder (H307). We create fundraisers that go to an organization chosen for each semester. We also try to find creative ways to inform HH of injustice in our world. New in 2009 we are starting PEACE DAY (Thursday, March 19). A day long event where students are ecouraged to wear their peace shirts, (or place an order for one!) and learn about current issues of social injustice around the world and discuss possible solutions. This club is open to all HH students. Students who are interested in humanities, world affairs, peace, equality and making a difference are the best fits for us. The club also offers some community service opportunities for its members. The club is currently headed by senior Lindsay Waddington, and juniors Alex McGlinchy and Gina Lee.
    Check out our bulletin board in the H300s and the rest of this website for current information!
    email us!
    Contact us at: hhsfij@gmail.com to join or with any questions or comments.
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