Pennypack Guidance

  •    Pennypack Elementary School has a Developmental School Counseling Program to support students in experiencing school success. The counselor works with students individually, in small groups, and in the classrooms. Each classroom receives developmental school counseling lessons during the course of the school year. The counselor helps students develop coping skills, solve problems, learn study skills,and build friendships.

Character Education

  • A Community of Caring and Character 

    Six Pillars of Character

    Be Honest                                                     
    Be Reliable                                                     
    Be Loyal                                                         

    Take Turns and share                                       
    Play by the rules                                             
    Practice good sportsmanship                            

    Be Kind                                                         
    Be Helpers                                                     
    Shown concern for others                               

    Manners Matter
    Celebrate Differences
    Listen to everyone's ideas

    Follow the rules of school and classroom
    Make good choices
    Do your work at home and at school

    Show school and community pride
    Respect people in charge
    Contribute to your school and community




Pennypack Guidance Counselor

  • Sarah Carner
    Sarah Carner