• turtleWelcome to Honors Biology!
    You are in store for an exciting class which will challenge you to think about the living world in more depth.  Your scientific literacy skills will be honed as you are immersed in reading, writing and communicating about science.  There will be increasing opportunitites to develop your multimedia skills as well as  incorporate technology-based collaborative lessons.
    Note:  We've just started to build this site so there are parts that are empty - it is a work in progress. :)
    The class begins with a discussion of the scientific method followed by an examination of the characteristics that unify living things.
    Unit 1: Structure and Function
    Unit 1 focuses on the connection between structure and function as a major theme in biology.  After learning about this theme, you will research and become an expert on how this theme applies to one level of the hierarchy of life.  We will be using Zoho Writer as a vehicle to take virtual notes and collaborate.  The culminating project is a museum exhibit titled Structure Fits Function.
    Unit 2: Heredity
    Unit 3: Evolution
    Unit 4: Classification
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