• frog  BIOLOGY
    Welcome to biology!  This course strives to teach the basic concepts of a biology in a way that is relevant to students.  Each unit begins with a thought-provoking question followed by an interactive presentation of the concept to be learned.  Active listening and note-taking skills are emphasized during this process.   An assignment which will either be an experiment or another application activity will follow to allow students to work with the concept as well as practice scientific thinking.  Students are then given individual case studies / examples and apply their learning - presenting on the class GoogleSite.  After the topic has been explored, students will engage in a review and small quiz.  At the conclusion of each unit, students will create an authentic product to showcase their learning.  This is the unit assessment - there will be no formal tests.  It is our hope that this method of teaching and learning will motivate students and boost achievement.
Last Modified on February 5, 2015