Fishful Thinking


The Pepperidge FarmGoldfish� brand continues its commitment to healthy lifestyles by partnering with Positive Psychology leader and mother of four, Dr. Karen Reivich, to create Fishful ThinkingSM. Fishful ThinkingSM is a program that helps parents raise children who have a positive attitude and can confidently tackle life's challenges.Fishful Thinking focuses on five key skills that all parents can teach to their children. The website links following each key skill provide various articles, activities, videos and facts related to each skill area.

1.      Optimism is the skill of focusing on the positive � without denying the negative � and channeling one�s energy toward what is controllable. Optimistic people expect good things to happen in their lives and work toward creating positive change. Fishful ThinkingSM helps parents learn new ways to promote optimism in their families and to create an environment that fosters positive emotions and the belief in possibilities.


2.      Emotional awareness is the ability to identify and express what you are feeling and to have empathy for what others are feeling. It�s the building block of a healthy emotional life. Children who are comfortable with the full range of feelings have an easier time connecting with others, are more at ease with themselves, and are strong communicators. Fishful ThinkingSM teaches parents how to help their children express their feelings in healthy ways and how to cope with sadness, anxiety or embarrassment.


3.      Hope isn�t just passively wishing and waiting for something to happen. Hope leads to the drive to set and pursue goals, take risks and initiate action. Hope fuels problem-solving and helps children develop personal strengths and social resources. Research shows that high-hope people are excited about the future and set goals for themselves. Fishful ThinkingSM gives parents tools to teach their children how to set positive goals, develop a system of appropriate rewards, and promote strategies of thinking that will enable children to go after whatever they want out of life.


4.      Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks, learn from failure, be motivated by challenges and believe in your own abilities to deal with the stress and difficulties in life. Resilience is critical to a childs overall success in life and happiness. All children need resilience and, fortunately, it can be learned. Fishful ThinkingSM shows parents how to talk to their children in ways that build their ability to thrive no matter what life puts in their path.


5.      Empowerment (or self-efficacy) is the belief in ones self. Children with the skills of empowerment believe that they are effective in the world. They have learned their strengths and weaknesses and rely on their strengths to navigate the challenges in life. Children with self-efficacy dream big, because they believe in their capacity to work for their dreams. Fishful ThinkingSM provides parents and children with articles, tips and simple family-oriented activities that build a sense of competence and mastery, empowering children to reach their fullest potential.