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    To be a Hatboro-Horsham Cheerleader is an honor.  It is a privilege to wear the red and black uniform and represent your school.  It will be exciting and fun, BUT it will require 100% dedication and hard work.  Here are some standards that you are expected to uphold:

                      Ø  Cheerleaders will display good sportsmanship towards all individuals involved in any athletic venture.

                      Ø  Cheerleaders will set a good example in the classroom.  We expect that all cheerleaders stay on top of their school work at all times. 

                      Ø  Cheerleaders will set a good example in the community.

                      Ø  Cheerleaders must conduct themselves with the utmost decorum at all times.  This includes out-of-school activities as well.

                      Ø  Cheerleaders will attend, be prepared and on time for every practice, game or scheduled squad activity.

                      Ø  Cheerleaders will uphold the Hatboro-Horsham High School Athletic Code of Conduct and Hatboro-Horsham High School Cheerleading Guidelines. 

Last Modified on June 7, 2017