Transitioning into 7th Grade

  • Every year we hear from former students who tell us that their middle school experience was their most enjoyable time at school.  It was a time when they enjoyed their teachers, they were challenged in the classroom, they learned a lot, they made new friends, they started to learn more about themselves, and they got to experience a variety of clubs and after school sports.  We also know that when these same students started 7th grade it was a very challenging time.  Even though 7th grade and 6th grade are in the same building at Keith Valley, 7th grade can be a very challenging transitional period as students are leaving elementary school classrooms with certain expectations and entering secondary school classrooms with more challenging expectations.  The quicker students can adapt to the new expectations, the better their 7th grade experience will be.  

    There are many things we do as teachers to help students with this transition.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance with this.  Below are excerpts from a few articles that offer advice and ideas for students and parents which may help students make a smooth transition into 7th grade at Keith Valley.

    Middle School: What's Different?

    At first, middle school may seem like a mysterious place full of strangers and surprises. Here are some of the most common challenges you will be facing: more work!

    Teachers in middle school often view their students as young adults. This means that your assignments and tests will be more challenging. In addition to your nightly dose of homework, you may also have papers and exams for the first time. The workload may seem overwhelming, but your teachers will most likely understand that you and your classmates are making an adjustment. If you feel that they don't understand this and you're having trouble with the amount of work expected of you, make sure you bring it up with a parent or school counselor. 


Tips for Parents

  • The first tip is thinking ahead.

  • Break down big chores into small parts.

  • Help your child by setting up a smaller goals.

  • Encourage your middle schooler to keep a daily list

  • Don't hesitate to remind your middle schooler about appointments and due dates.

  • Be willing to listen- but don't poke or pry.

  • If your child is in the midst of a longtime frienship that is falling apart, the best thing you can do is stand by and be a good listener.

  • Friends are people who accept us as we are.

  • All friendships have ups and downs.

  • When reprimanding, deal only with the precise problem, don't bring in other issues.

  • If the issue is minor, keep things light.

  • Don't use power unless it's urgent.

7th Grade Expectations