BAND - full year, every other day 1.0 credit


    CONCERT CHOIR - full year, every other day 1.0 credit


    (students may be in BOTH ensembles by signing up for BAND/CONCERT CHOIR)


    STRING ENSEMBLE - full year 0.5 credit every other day during directed study is a performing arts class in violin, viola, cello and string bass performing various genres of music.


    MADRIGALS (OPEN TO 10, 11, 12 ONLY BY AUDITION) is a 1st semester offering by audition the previous school year for those students to qualify for this elite group of outstanding singers. Literature is performed a cappella.


    WOMEN'S ENSEMBLE (BY AUDITON OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR) is a 2nd semester offering for any qualified and interested SSAA singers to participate in a class teaching close harmony, reading skills and singing techniques through treble literature.




    MUSIC MAJOR (1.0 credit) is a first semester course  meeting daily, preparing students for the rigors of music study on the collegiate level. Theory, ear training, dictation and history are presented in conjunction with performance. Students are required to perform extensively in recital format during this course.


    BEGINNER GUITAR (0.5 credit)  is a course designed to teach the beginning student how to play the guitar.


    PIANO LAB (0.5 credit) is an introductory course to piano literacy.


    ROCK ENSEMBLE (0.5 credit one semester every other day) will develop the musical talents of those students interested in being in a rock band. The class is open to any interested guitarist, keyboardist, drummer or singer. The class will offer extensive opportunities to perform.