Family and Consumer Sciences

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    Mission Statement

    To empower individuals to manage resources and apply academic and technological skills throughout the life-span in order to effectively balance productivity in work with optimal family life in an increasingly global society.

    Foods and Nutrition

    Students will be expected to:

    • recognize the foods which compromise healthy eating by working with Choose My Plate
    • prepare nutritious snacks
    • practice proper kitchen safety procedures
    • develop interpersonal skills by cooperating in small groups
    • understand the importance of a balanced diet following the Food Pyramid in combination with My Plate
    • recognize that teenagers are lacking in certain nutrients, and understand nutrient functions and sources
    • recognize the danger of food contamination and practice safe food handling techniques
    • develop an awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities

    Career Exploration, Financial Literacy & Child Development 

    Students will be expected to:

    • develop interpersonal skills by working in small groups
    • construct a drawstring bag using sewing machine technology
    • understand the importance of good personal health habits
    • examine the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of children
    • analyze roles and responsibilities of caring for children
    • explore career opportunities and relate them to their individual interests, aptitudes, skills, and values
    • explore career clusters
    • analyze money management