Fine Arts

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    The Fine Arts program focuses on the Art Standards of Art History, Aesthetics, Art Criticism and Art Production. In all grades, students will be exposed to art history, aesthetics and criticism through classroom discussion of artists, their artwork, their importance and art terminology. Students will engage in classroom critiques of both famous artwork and student artwork. Students will also have many opportunities to create artwork using a variety of media and technnology. 

    ART 1 - 2D ART

    In Art 1 students will be expected to:

    • develop knowledge and skills needed in creating flat, two-dimensional art
    • learn, understand and apply basic portrait, landscape, and still-life drawing techniques
    • define, understand and use the Elements and Principles of Art as seen in personal, professional and historic artwork
    • apply the elements of art in their artwork
    • engage in the critiquing of personal and professional art
    • explore and utilize a variety of drawing and painting media
    • create an in-depth research project about an artist and art movement


    ART 2 - 3D ART

    In Art 2 students will be expected to:

    • build on the knowledge developed in Art 1
    • define, understand and use the Elements and Principles of Art in own artwork
    • apply the knowledge and techniques in drawing three-dimensional forms incorporating linear perspective, highlighting and shading
    • develop the skills and knowledge necessary to create three-dimensional pieces
    • be introduced to the cultural and historical aspects of a variety of sculptural forms and the sculptors who created them
    • explore a wide variety of two and three-dimensional media
    • use technology to create artwork