Educational Technology

  • Mission Statement

    The Keith Valley Middle School believes that technology should be an integral and integrated component of the educational process and curricular program. With an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, authentic, real-world, engaging learning is facilitated. All learners gain essential skills that extend beyond the content and foster lifelong growth. Keith Valley Middle School is committed to providing all students with the technical concepts, processes, and skills needed to be contributing, productive citizens and thrive in our changing society.


    At Keith Valley, technology is an integrated program taught by technology education teachers in collaboration with content-area teachers throughout the school year. It is not a pullout program but an infused, curriculum-based environment.  As part of the Keith Valley Technology Integration Program, all students are engaged in the use of technology by participating in technology-enriched projects designed through all curricular areas. Students participate in activities designed to enhance their technology skills. PC and MAC platforms are utilized along with Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite as well as the school district Learning Management Software. Emphasis is placed on use of Web 2.0 tools, Digital Literacy, Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and effective communication and collaboration.


    How it Works

    • At the beginning of the school year, all students learn how to log onto devices, create passwords, set up file folders and navigate through the network.
    • All sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students review the Acceptable Use Policy and continue reviewing throughout the school year.

Educational Technology Contact

  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller
    Technology Teacher

    Valerie Fasy
    Valerie Fasy
    Technology Teacher

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