Intramural Sports



    Intramural Sports are offered to 6th grade only.  Flag Football is offered in the fall, Floor Hockey in the winter and Dodgeball in the spring.  The advisor will distribute flyers/permission forms through homeroom teachers.  There will be a meeting after school prior to the start of each sport explaining the expectations.  Students will be assigned a team and schedule. This will be distributed to the teams by the advisor. There will be a late bus (4:15 PM)  available to those students that take the bus daily.


    Flag Football Schedule:


    9/24     Organizational Meeting

    9/25     Browns vs. Dolphins

    9/26     Steelers vs. Chiefs

    10/2     Rams vs. Browns

    10/3     Dolphins vs. Steelers

    10/8     Chiefs vs. Rams

    10/10   Dolphins vs. Chiefs

    10/15   Browns vs. Chiefs

    10/16   Rams vs. Dolphins

    10/17   Steelers vs. Rams

    10/22   Browns vs. Steelers

    10/23   Semi Final Seed 1 vs. Seed 4

    10/24   Semi Final Seed 2 vs. Seed 3


Intramural Sports Contact


    Stewart Gross
    Stewart Gross
    Flag Football/Floor Hockey/ Kickball