Mission Statement and Overview

  • ●    To assist the Hatboro Horsham Marching Unit Director in providing a quality music program, in accordance with the policies established by the Hatboro-Horsham School District

    ●     To supplement the funds available to the Marching Unit Director in addition to the district budget

    ●     To develop an open line of communication and spirit of enthusiasm within the organization

    ●     To provide opportunities for the students to raise funds to help pay for the costs of their participation in the Hatboro-Horsham Marching Unit (HHMU), Hatboro-Horsham Indoor Percussion (HHIP), or the Hatboro-Horsham Winter Guard (HHWG) programs

    ●     To provide scholarship awards to graduating seniors (one for a member from each of the HHMU, HHIP and the HHWG)

    The Hatters for Music Organization (HFM) is made up of parents/guardians of current HHMU, HHIP and HHWG students.  Parents/Guardians play an important part of the marching unit community and this is an opportunity to share with your child in an activity that he/she truly enjoys. 

    The organization supports students by assisting when needed at: competitions, running the home shows, holding social events for band members and their families, and by attending, volunteering and chaperoning various events.   The organization oversees and assumes responsibility for raising funds for a variety of expenditures as requested by the Marching Unit Director including but not limited to instruments, props, material for flags and entrance fees to competitions.   

     A special thank you goes to the HH School District for their continued support of this program!