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    The Hatter Chatter is a student publication that comes out three times during the school year. Fall, Winter, and Spring. Its purpose is to give interested students the opportunity to gather and write the news, hone typing and editing skills and experience, first-hand, the functions of a newspaper. Students may sign-up to participate in any number of issues they choose. Therefore, sports or other activities will not interfere with their commitment to the Hatter Chatter. 



  • How would you like to be a newspaper reporter?


    The Hatter Chatter needs

    • writers
    • photographers                       
    • cartoonists
    • movie reviewers
    • video game reviewers
    • book reviewers

    Last year, the HATTER CHATTER was selected BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT NEWSPAPER  in the United States for middle schools of over 1,000 students by the American Scholastic Press Association. YOU TOO CAN BECOME A CHAMPION OF WRITING!


    Want to have your writing read or photographs viewed by over a 1,000 people?

    Last year, the Hatter Chatter was read by an average of 1,100 readers per issue.

    This year, with students at KV all having a device, it could be closer to 2,000.


    How do you do it?


    We meet in Mr. Gross’ class at PACE on Thursdays. 

    • That is when you interview fellow students and teachers
    • You may also interview principals, administrative assistants, teacher assistants and custodians
    • You will usually finish articles at home, work on them at PACE, or Thursday meetings
    • You will share your articles with Mr. Gross on Canvas (One Drive, and Emails work as well).
    • EASY deadlines -We publish one newspaper per trimester, so you have three months to write your article.
    • New at news? No worries, Mr. Gross will show you how! This is a place to learn and grow, like all other school activities.

    What can you Write About? 

    • If you play on a sports team, or participate in a club, you can write about your own club.
    • Reading Olympians or any other avid reader can write book reviews about the latest page turner they finished.
    • Video Gamers can review the latest video games they play.
    • Movie lovers can review their favorite new movies.
    • Streamers can review their favorite Amazon or Netflix episodes.
    • Many articles will be about KV activities.
    • Students have written articles about personal interests such as social media, or retail malls going out-of-business.
    • Students have written articles about their academic interests, such as astronomy and history.
    • Students come up with awesome ideas for articles that Mr. Gross and the rest of the Hatter Chatter staff would never have thought of.  One student wrote articles about their scoliosis.  Mr. Gross' daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis as a middle school student, and he co-wrote one of the articles about his parental experiences, and the importance of school health screenings.

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