• Vision Statement
    Keith Valley Middle School: We Set the Pace!


    Mission Statements

    1.   Personal Excellence

    a.    Everyone is respected and appreciated.

                                              i.    The Keith Valley Community will foster a sense of pride in and ownership of the school’s climate and culture.

                                             ii.    Keith Valley is a bully-free school!  Students and staff understand the effects, impacts, and consequences of bullying.

                                            iii.    Students, parents, and staff understand that everyone has the right to feel safe and accepted at Keith Valley.

                                           iv.    The Keith Valley Community will foster and demonstrate good manners, appropriate language, proper school attire, and positive peer interactions.

                                            v.    Clear and consistent communication is vital to the success of Keith Valley Middle School.

    b.   Everyone is responsible and accountable.

                                              i.    Everyone will be held accountable for his/her actions according to school and district procedures and policies.  Consequences are consistent throughout the school community.

                                             ii.    Students, staff, families, and community members take ownership for personal behavior.

                                            iii.    A comfortable, safe, and student-centered environment will be found in every classroom.

                                           iv.    Each student and staff member will be encouraged and expected to work up to his/her fullest potential.

                                            v.    Teachers are responsible for creating meaningful and relevant assignments.  Students are responsible for timely, neat, and accurate completion of assignments.  Families will create and support a positive educational environment in the home.

    2.   Academic Excellence

    a.    Learning is everyone’s responsibility.

                                              i.    We believe that we are a community of learners and therefore should continue to learn each and every day.

                                             ii.    In classrooms, teachers will use a variety of engaging, meaningful, challenging activities that foster curiosity, encourage creativity, and assess student learning.

                                            iii.    Learning is a partnership among students, teachers, parents, and community members.

                                           iv.    We believe that a student’s family must play an active role in their child’s education.

                                            v.    Every student is capable of demonstrating growth and being a successful learner. 

    3.   Civic Excellence

    a.    Keith Valley Middle School is an extension of our world.

                                              i.    The Keith Valley Community fosters and demonstrates manners and appropriate social skills.

                                             ii.    Families and the school must work together to prepare students to compete and succeed in a diverse, global society.

                                            iii.    The Keith Valley students, parents, and staff demonstrate a commitment to our local community and are environmentally aware.

                                           iv.    At Keith Valley, differences are accepted by everyone.

                                            v.    We believe that acts of generosity and kindness, no matter how small, make the world a better place.