Emergency Form Information

  • Every school must have an Emergency Form for each student. This Emergency Form informs the parent that care and treatment of a students illness or injury will be rendered by the school nurse during the school day.  The emergency form gives permission to transport a student to a medical facility and receive treatment during the emergency from Emergency Medical Services and the Medical facility.  A parent or guardian must complete and sign each form.  A new form must be updated and signed for each student annually.

    The emergency form has the location and phone numbers of the parent(s)home, employment, and the names addresses, and telephone numbers of emergency contact persons in case the parent(s) cannot be reached.

    Parent permission to administer acetaminophen, ibuprofen (middle and high school), and antacid is also indicated on this card.

  • For Emergency Card Translations

    click the download arrow and select translation


Emergency Forms

  • To Update your Emergency Forms

    1. Log Into your PowerSchool Account


    2. Click the Demographics Menu

    3.Select the Forms

    Please update each part of the annual forms. The medical forms are on part C.


    If you are using the  PowerSchool app

    1. Click More

    2. Select Forms


    If you do not see all the forms when using your phone app please log into powerschool with this link using a browser such as chrome on your phone.