Student Keystone Training Materials

  • Video Tutorials: 

    The PA Online Assessments Student Tutorials are available for review by administrators, teachers, students, and parents. 

    Once the PA Online Assessment Student Video Tutorials are opened select under Keystone Exams either Mathematics, Reading/ Literature or Science. Select the subject you want to review. 

    To view videos click here

     It is strongly encouraged to have students review the tutorials in advance of their test day. Students are allowed to repeat the tutorial as often as desired and needed. There are no restrictions on accessing these tools. 

    Online Tools Training: 

    The PA Online Assessment Online Tools Training is designed to provide an introductory experience using the online assessment software in preparation for taking either the CDT or Keystone Exams. The purpose of the PA Online Assessment Online Tools Training is for students to observe and try out features of the online assessment software prior to the actual assessment. This will allow students to experience taking a test on a computer and allow them to experiment with the features available during an actual test. 

    PA Online Assessment Online Tools Training has been developed for each subject currently being assessed for both the CDT and Keystone Exams. It is strongly suggested that students be given time to take the Online Tools Training prior to taking either a CDT or Keystone Exams for the first time. 

    To access PA Online Assessment Online Tools Training: Click here

    Once the link is clicked, follow the directions below. 

    To launch the PA Online Assessment Online Training Tools:

    1. Double click on the PA Online Assessment icon on the desktop

    2. Select the Online Tools Training under either the CDT or Keystone Exams logo, depending on which tools training you would like to access. 

    3. Select the Content Area

    4. Select the subject

    5. Enter in the username and password noted on the sign in screen

    6. Click sign in, and follow the instructions on the screen. 

    Note: for audio accommodations: To access audio versions of the tools training, add the word "audio" to the end of the username specified on the screen and use the same password specified on the screen. Audio versions are ONLY available for non field test assessment subject. 

    Example username=Math; Audio version Username: Mathaudio