Counselor Role & Responsibilities

  • The counselors at Keith Valley are responsible for providing outstanding services to students, families, teachers and administrators in order to maximize student success.   Through the activities listed below and many more, we strive to enhance our students’ experience at Keith Valley by promoting their emotional, academic and social well-being.



    ·         Provide individual counseling to students in the following areas:

    o   Academic

    o   Social/Emotional

    o   Family Issues

    o   Decision Making

    ·         Provide small group counseling to students to address:

    o   Anger

    o   Grief and Loss

    o   Changing Families

    o   Self-Awareness

    o   Friendship

    o   Anxiety



    ·         Facilitate transition to KVMS via:

    o   Meeting with elementary counselors and 5th grade teachers

    o   Assisting in determining academic levels of each student

    o   Hosting student orientation

    ·         Facilitate transition to HHHS via:

    o   Meeting with high school counselors

    o   Assisting in determining academic levels for placement

    o   Organizing student orientation program

    o   Assisting students with 9th grade course selection 

    ·         Provide new student orientation

    ·         Prepare Multi-Disciplinary Evaluations for Special Services (Gifted, LS, ES)

    ·         Facilitate parent-student-teacher conferences

    ·         Coordinate PSSA testing

    ·         Assist with schedule planning



    ·         Counselors are available to consult with parents regarding:

    o   Academic concerns

    o   Family relationships

    o   Peer relationships

    o   Behavior management

    o   Community referrals

    ·         Consult with teachers both individually and at team meetings in order to:

    o   Proactively address concerns about students with academic, social, and behavioral issues

    o   Identify “at-risk” students

    o   Develop and implement intervention plans

    o   Act as an advocate on behalf of the students

    ·         Participate in Childfind and KATS activities