Psychological Services

  • The school psychologists provide various supports to the programming of the children in Hatboro-Horsham School District. As participants on the Student Resource Teams (SRT), they have a first hand knowledge of learning issues as they arise. They offer insights into how an individual child learns as well as the specific strategies that would address the learning differences presented. This consultative service to the teachers and principals has proven to prevent mild issues from impeding the educational progress of many of the children through early interventions. Consultation to the building staff is also available outside of the SRT process.

     Those children whose progress does not respond to the SRT interventions are then evaluated for special education services, with parent approval. It is the school psychologist who manages the evaluation process and develops the Evaluation Report determining a childs eligibility and making the appropriate educational recommendations. Once the child is identified as having a disability, the psychologist is an ongoing member of the childs Individualized Educational Program (IEP) team and advises the other members on the implementation of the specially designed instructional strategies.

     The school psychologists also offer parent trainings as deemed necessary by IEP teams, conduct observations in the classroom, meet monthly with each special education teacher individually, offer workshops for faculty, staff, and parents, and serve on various committees such as Safe Schools, Discipline, and Character Education. They are a valuable resource both consultatively and collaboratively.

HHSD Psychologists Contact Information

  • Blair Mill Elementary
    Rachael Hockfield
    Certified School Psychologist

    Crooked Billlet Elementary
    Brittany Jenkins

    Hallowell Elementary 
    Rachel Radcliffe

    Simmons Elementary 
    Lisa Hoeflich
    Keith Valley Middle School
    Maureen Maerten
    Jennifer Belland

    Rebecca Sitman
    Certified School Psychologist (School-based Counseling)
    Hatboro-Horsham High School
    Ashley McGinty- Napolitano
    Cristina DiSandro

    Rashim Lancit
    Certified School Psychologist (School-based Counseling)