HHSD 1:1 Technology Initiative

  • Hatboro-Horsham's 1:1 Initiative aims to transform the way our students learn, empowering students and teachers through access to the best tools available for learning and creativity. We're moving to redesign learning to respond to the needs our workplaces demand in the 21st century, fostering students who have the mindset to be:

    • lifelong learners,
    • global citizens,
    • resilient,
    • purposeful and passionate,
    • divergent and innovative thinkers, 
    • and able to demonstrate academic mastery.

    In September 2017 our high school students were the first to be issued laptops as part of this multi-year initiative, and recently we began distributing laptops to incoming ninth graders and new students. Any high school student who has not received their laptop yet can get it when school opens!

    For 2018-19, approximately 300 students at Keith Valley Middle School will pilot laptop use to prepare for building-wide implementation next year. Additionally, all grade 5 classrooms district-wide will be 1:1 by the end of September.

    For more information head to the high school 1:1 information page!