Property Tax Relief

  • Thanks to Act 1, the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Relief Act, Hatboro-Horsham School District residents will be receiving a reduction in their 2023-24 school tax bill.  Through a provision of the law, school districts throughout the state will be receiving revenue generated by legalized gambling and this revenue will be used to lower residents’ property taxes.

    The property tax reduction will come in the form of a reduction in property’s assessed taxable value, not in the form of a rebate check like the one residents may have received from the federal government.  When residents receive the tax bills in July, they may notice additional information on their bill noting an assessment reduction (homestead/farmstead exclusion) which equates to a specific reduction in the overall tax bill. Original assessed value totals and original tax liability information will also be noted on the bill.

    It is important to note that residents are only eligible for the property tax reduction if they have filed the appropriate homestead/farmstead exclusion form and have been approved for the exclusion by the county’s assessor’s office.  The assessment reduction and net overall reduction on the tax bill will be the same for all approved homeowners.   Approved residential homeowners will receive a homestead/farmstead exclusion (assessment reduction) of 11,904 which will result in a $388.67 reduction in their tax bill for 2023-24.

    If you did not file this form, you will not be eligible for this year’s property tax reduction.  To become eligible next year, please be sure to complete a homestead/farmstead exclusion form.  To obtain a form, visit the assessment department on the Montgomery County website ( download the form or pick one up at the district administration office, 229 Meetinghouse Road, Horsham, Pa.

    Homestead/Farmstead applications are due by March 1 of every year.  Residents who acquire property in the school district after March 1 must wait until the following year to qualify for the exclusion.  The county assessor must notify the property owner of the approval or denial of the exclusion no later than 30 days after the application's receipt.  Residents who have an approved application on file for their current residence do not need to re-apply annually.