Budget Adoption

  • 2019-2020 Final Operating Budget Adoption

    Hatboro-Horsham School Board Approves 2019-20 Final Operating Budget:

    The Hatboro-Horsham School Board approved the 2019-2020 School Year Final Budget at its June 17th, 2019 School Board meeting, a spending plan that will continue to help the district provide high quality education programs at a reasonable cost to the community.

    Like most years since the inception of Act 1, balancing the budget within the Act 1 index has been very challenging. Uncertainties with the expiring Teacher agreement, significant increases in special education costs, staffing and substitute shortage challenges, expansion of our 1 to 1 technology initiative, additional textbook and curriculum materials needs, charter school and Eastern center tuition increases, enhancements to our safety and security program, pension cost increases and limited increases in state subsidy funding are just a few areas that have made the budget balancing process very challenging.

    With a lot of hard work on the part of our staff and solid direction and support from our School Board coupled with a continuous commitment to prioritization of need, effective re-allocation of existing resources, value based decision making and a consistent effort to implement  strategies that improve efficiency and reduce costs, we have been able to pass a budget that enhances our educational programs, improves services to our students, parents and the community and provides resources necessary to maintain and improve our facilities. 

    Since the inception of Act 1 in 2007, the Board of School Directors have balanced the budget within the limits of the base Act 1 Index without seeking exceptions. Over the past thirteen years, the average annual tax increase has been limited to 2.23% which is below the average base index of 2.55%. This year, under the terms of Act 1, all school districts were required to keep their tax increases at or below a state index, which was set at 2.3%. Districts that needed to go above that index could seek exceptions or voter approval to do so. Through continued conservative fiscal management, Hatboro-Horsham was able to keep its increase at 2.3%.

    The Final Approved 2019-2020 spending plan totals $110,063,103 an increase of $3,884,120 (3.66%) from last year’s budget. To balance the budget, the School Board agreed to raise the millage rate from 28.802 to 29.464 an increase of 2.3% percent, one of the lowest increases over the past fifteen years. The new millage rate will mean the average Hatboro taxpayer’s real estate bill will go up by about $81.20 while the average Horsham taxpayer’s real estate bill will go up by about $120.30. The increase for every $100,000 in assessed property value will be about $66. 



Budget Detail

  • Hatboro-Horsham School District 2019-2020 FINAL BUDGET
    (Approved June 17, 2019)
    The 2019-20 Final Budget is estimated to serve a school population of approximately 4,800 students.  The 2019-2020 Final Budget is in the amount of $110,063,103 with 78.86% coming from local sources,  19.58% from the state and 1.56% from the federal government.  Major areas of use for the budget are Instruction (59.61%), Support Services (33.10%), Non-Instructional Services (1.69%), and Debt Service (5.60%). 
    2019-2020 FINAL BUDGET ADOPTION      
      Real Estate Taxes, Current   $72,324,321.00
      Interim Real Estate Taxes   $400,000.00
      Real Estate Transfer Taxes   $950,000.00
      Earned Income Tax   $5,900,000.00
      Delinquent Taxes, All Levies   $765,000.00
      Tuition   $164,299.00
      Earnings from Investments   $479,420.00
      Public Utility Tax   $78,000.00
      Revenue from Student Activity   $25,000.00
      Revenue from Public Schools   $923,331.00
      Rental of School Property   $465,000.00
      Other   $26,156.00
    Total Local   $82,500,527.00
    State     $21,547,541.00
    Federal     $1,715,035.00
    Other     $1,250,000.00
    Beginning Fund Balance   $3,050,000.00
      Total Revenue   $110,063,103.00
    Instruction   $65,607,710.00
    Support Services for Instruction   $36,429,844.00
    Operation of Non-Instructional Services   $1,857,092.00
    Facilities Improvements   $3,000.00
    Debt Service   $6,165,457.00
      Total Expenditures  



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