Translation Services

  • Transact is the PDE approved website to find documents translated into various languages.  

    TransAct PDF


    TRANSPERFECT is our district account for phone or live translation services. Attached is the flyer which can be printed for secretaries and counselors. 

    TransPerfect PDF


    TRANSPERFECT - How to Connect to an Interpreter 

    A few simple steps can connect you to an interpreter within seconds! Before the call is placed, please contact your building principal for our account information to ensure that your experience flows smoothly. 


    Dialing Instructions 

    1. Please call:
    2. If calling from anywhere in North America: 855-886-2901
    3. If calling from outside of North America: 480-961-5379
    4. Once connected, the Voice Response System will prompt you to speak or enter your Customer Number followed by your Customer PIN.
    5. Our Voice Response System will ask you to request a language. You should respond by speaking the language needed (e.g., "French") or by spelling the first three letters of the language on your telephone key pad (e.g.; 373 for "French"), 
    1. Once the necessary information is collected and confirmed by the Voice Response System, you will then be connected directly to your qualified interpreter. 
    1. If your company has requested TRI to collect additional information, (i.e., program numbers, department codes, etc.) one of our qualified agents/interpreters may greet you and obtain this information. Immediately following, you will have an interpreter available to assist you. 
    1. IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY ISSUES please call Customer Service any time 24x7x365 for immediate support at (855) 886-2909 or (480) 403-4179 or by email at